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Most mail servers require some form of authentication. You can set the authentication for your mail server by clicking the Authentication button on the Email Settings screen.


Automatic Authentication


If you select the Automatic authentication method, MessageSender will attempt to determine what authentication method your mail server requires. Depending on your mail server, it may or may not require secure connections. If MessageSender is unable to successfully connect to your mail server, try switching SSL Connection to the opposite setting.


Although port 25 is the general SMTP port, many mail servers require that you use a different port for secure connections, eg. 587.  You may need to ask your Internet Service Provider (ISP) what port you should be using.




SSL Connection

Connect to the mail server using a secure connection.



Manual Authentication


In some cases, MessageSender may not be able to work out the correct authentication method. In that case, you will need to select Manual authentication.




You may need to experiment with these settings if you don't know what authentication your mail server uses.



Testing the Authentication Settings


You can test the email settings by clicking the Test button, then clicking Do Test to send a test email.


Here is an example of a successful test.  You will receive a test email if the test was successful.





If you have difficulties getting MessageSender to work with your mail server, Cybercom Software Support can assist with this.