Step 3 - SMS Settings

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If you want to automatically forward messages via SMS text message, you will need to configure the following settings:


1.Select SMS Settings from the sidebar.




2.Under SMS Gateway Provider, select the SMS provider you will be using with MessageSender to send SMS messages.




3.Under SMS Message Templates, you will need to specify templates to use when sending the messages.  You can either use the default templates or create your own (see Message Templates for more information).


4.When you select an SMS Gateway Provider, the appropriate tab will be enabled.  Click on the tab for the provider you selected.


5.Enter the details provided by your SMS Gateway Provider, ie. Username, Password and Account ID.  If you don't have an account, you can click on the link (it has a green star icon next to it) to go to the provider's website and open an account.




6.Click Save Settings.



Important Note


The SMS Gateway providers are not associated with Cybercom Software - they are 3rd party organizations.  We have no control over or access to your account with them.