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Welcome to MessageSender.


PhonePad has a feature called Automatic Message Forwarding.  This enables users to have their PhonePad phone and text messages forwarded to them when they're not in the office. Whether your organization has users that are on-the-road, working from home, or otherwise out of the office, with Automatic Message Forwarding these people can get their messages wherever they are.


MessageSender is an add-on to PhonePad that can automatically forward PhonePad messages (both phone and text) to email addresses and mobile/cell phones.  It is ideal for users on-the-road, working from home or who are otherwise out of the office.


MessageSender consists of two applications: the Windows service and the Manager application.  The MessageSender service performs the actual work of sending the messages via email or SMS, while MessageSender Manager is used to configure and manage MessageSender.