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Version 5.15

MessageSender now automatically uses the correct SMTP authentication when communicating with mail servers.

Removed authentication settings because it is now automatic.

Added support for Pushover.

This version now has a 30 day trial period.

Fixed minor issues.

Version 5.14

Added a Sender ID field for Clickatell. U.S. customers are required by Clickatell to provide a mobile/cell phone number that they have registered with Clickatell.

Version 5.13

Fixed an issue with Clickatell SMS’s not working due to a parameter change by Clickatell.

Added an API ID field for Clickatell.

Added a Test button for Clickatell.

Version 5.12

Fixed issue with the MessageSender service not recognizing changed settings until the service was restarted.  Now it will accept the changes immediately.

Added option to automatically delete older activity log files.

Version 5.11

Added SMS test message option for SMS Global.

Added check to see if MessageSender service is running.

Added option to override email username and password requirement.

Version 5.10

Added loading and saving of main form size and position.

Added menu options for recreating default message templates.

Added button for validating PhonePad data folder setting.

Version 5.09

Fixed issue with Activity Log.

Fixed screen refresh issue that sometimes occurs on Windows 7 machines.

Version 5.08

Repositioned Delete button.

Version 5.07

Minor Fixes

Version 5.06

Added option for deleting individual queue items.

Added temp folder edit field.

Increased refresh timer.

Fixed display issues.

Expanded activity log messages for processing messages to identify message type and transport mechanisms.

Blank lines were being added to email recipient lists where there were blank lines entered in the PhonePad redirection option - FIXED.

Added encoding options to the service for use in the future.  No options were added to MessageSender Manager.

Added check to make sure that the ForwardQueue table exists.

Improved error trapping.

Added unique error code for each exception.

Fixed issue where email recipients were sometimes not being added correctly.

Version 5.05

Added Test option for testing email authentication settings.

Changed activity log delete button to allow deletion of all logs, or just individual ones.

Added log message to advise user that the MessageSender service must be installed on the same computer as the database.  This appears if MessageSender can't find the data folder.

Added check to only clear message queue if messages have been successfully processed.

MessageSender now checks the response code from the mail server and adds message to be cleared only if response code 250 is received.

Changed the way recipients are added to emails.

Changed the formatting of some log messages.

Add an activity log message that advises that the MessageSender is not active if it is not active.

Version 5.04

Added SMTP Authentication methods.

Added Cancel Settings button.

Version 5.03

Minor bug fixes.

Version 5.02

Added MessageSender 5 Share Creator.

Version 5.01

Added AutoRefresh option for Activity Log.

Added AutoRefresh option for Message Queue.

Redesigned Message Queue list.

Version 5.00

Initial version.