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Pushover provides an easy way of sending text messages without using an SMS network. Currently you can send 7500 text messages per month for free with Pushover and MessageSender.



Setting Up an Account with Pushover


1.Go to the Pushover website: www.pushover.net


2.Locate the Login or Signup link.




1.Once your account has been set up, you will receive a User Key.




2.Copy and paste the User Key to the User Key field on the Pushover settings screen in MessageSender.


3.You will need to register MessageSender as one of your applications. Scroll down until you get to the Your Applications section.


4.Click Register an Application.




5.The Create New Application/Plugin page will be displayed.




6.Under Name, enter MessageSender (1).


7.Select Application as the Type (2).


8.You can enter a Description and/or URL if you want but this is optional (3).


9.If you would like the MessageSender icon displayed in your iOS and/or Android app, click the Browse button and navigate to the Icon folder (it's under the MessageSender folder) (4).


10.Check the Terms of Service check box (5).


11.Click the Create Application button (6).


12.An Application Key (API Token/Key) will be created and displayed.





13.Copy and paste the key into the Application Key field on the Pushover settings screen in MessageSender.


14.That's it!


You will also need to download the Pushover app to your iOS or Android devices.  They come with a free 7-day trial and they cost around $5 (USD) to buy.  The great news is you only have to buy them once for each platform. After that they are free for any other devices on the same platform.


Pushover iOS app


Pushover Android app