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You can access most of MessageSender Manager's features via the menus, toolbar or sidebar.





File menu

Activity Log

Displays the MessageSender Activity Log.

Message Queue

Displays the MessageSender Message Queue.

General Settings

Displays the General Settings screen.

Email Settings

Displays the Email Settings screen.

SMS Settings

Displays the SMS Settings screen.

Save Settings

Save any changes you have made.


Exits MessageSender Manager.

Tools menu

Install Service

Installs and starts the MessageSender Windows service,

Uninstall Service

Stops and uninstalls the MessageSender Windows service.

Clear Queue

Clears all messages from the message queue.  The cleared messages will not be sent.

Remove Message

Removes the selected message from the queue.

Remove Email Messages

Removes all messages scheduled for forwarding via email from the queue.

Remove SMS Messages

Removes all messages scheduled for forwarding via SMS text message from the queue.

Recreate Email Templates

Recreates the default email templates.

Recreate SMS Templates

Recreates the default SMS templates.

Help menu


Displays online help.

Check for New Version

Contacts the Cybercom Software web server and checks to see if there is a newer version available.


Opens the Support web page.


Opens the online Suggestion Box system where you can send suggestions on what new features you would like to see.


Opens the MessageSender order page. This option won't appear if you have already purchased MessageSender.


Opens the License screen so you can license your copy of MessageSender.


Displays information about MessageSender Manager.