PhonePad Automatic Backup



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The Settings screen is where you control the AutoBackup service.  Any changes you make here will be processed by the service.





Enable Automatic Backups

When checked, the AutoBackup service will perform automatic backups based on the Backup Schedule.


Uncheck this checkbox to disable automatic backups.

Save Settings

Click the Save Settings button to save your changes.

Folder Locations

PhonePad Data Folder

Specifies the location of your PhonePad data.


Backup Folder

Specifies where you want your backups stored.  Refer to Backup Strategy for suggestions.

Backup Schedule


Run at

Specifies the time you want the backups to be done.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Backups will be performed on the days that are checked.

Backup Options

Retry on Failure

When checked, if AutoBackup is unable to do a back up because of a network connectivity issue, it will wait a few  minutes and attempt the backup again.


No of Attempts

You can set how many times you want AutoBackup to retry a backup. The range is 1 to 5 attempts.

Backup Log


Log Backup Activity

When checked, all automatic backup activity will be logged.