PhonePad Automatic Backup

Main Screen

Main Screen

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Main Screen

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AutoBackup Manager's main screen consists of a menu bar, toolbar, sidebar, status bar and the content pane.




The content area will vary, depending on which toolbar, sidebar or menu option is selected.


File menu

Backup Log

Displays the AutoBackup log.

Backup Files

Displays a list of all backup files.


Displays backup settings, including folders and backup schedule.


Displays settings for receiving notifications to your mobile device.


Closes the AutoBackup Manager application.

Tools menu

Install Service

Installs and runs the AutoBackup service.


Uninstall Service

Stop and uninstalls the AutoBackup service.


Manual Backup

You can initiate a manual backup at any time by selecting this option.  Please note that you cannot use this option unless you have automatic backups enabled under Settings.

Help menu


Displays online help.



Displays information about this application.