PhonePad Automatic Backup

License AutoBackup

License AutoBackup

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License AutoBackup

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You can try AutoBackup for 30 days free of charge. The Backup Log will show you how many days you have left of your trial period.


Once the trial period expires, you will need to license AutoBackup if you want to continue using it. If you need more time to trial AutoBackup just let us know and we'll extend it for you.


After purchasing AutoBackup you will receive your license details. You will then need to license PhonePad following these steps:


1.Run License. It's located in the PhonePad folder.


2.Enter your Client Number.




3.Enter the Email Address you provided when you purchased AutoBackup.


4.Enter the Serial Number.


5.Click the Download License button.


6.License will attempt to connect to the PhonePad license server and download your license.  If you have a firewall or security software installed you may need to allow AutoBackup Manager to connect.


7.If everything goes well your license information should be displayed within a minute or so.


8.Click the License button to install your AutoBackup license.