Security Software

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Security Software

9 times out of 10 communication problems are caused by security software (in other words, anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-malware, etc.). This is the most common cause of connection problems.  Most security software these days has its own firewall or some form of run-time protection.


While some security software honors the Windows Firewall settings, many don’t.


You may need to configure your security software to allow PhonePad5.exe, PhonePad5Run.exe and PhonePad5Server.exe to run.  Check the firewall settings for your security software: you may also need to open ports in the security software’s firewall.


We can’t provide instructions for all security software as there are just too many products on the market, and their interfaces are frequently updated.


We use Webroot Secure Anywhere.  Here’s an example of configuring it to allow PhonePad to run: