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Welcome to Appointment Calendar!


So what exactly is Appointment Calendar?


It's an easy-to-use application for scheduling appointments.  Appointment Calendar is an add-on for PhonePad 5.  It is a multi-user network-based appointment scheduling application (that's a mouthful).


You can manage appointments for multiple users, or just one.  Appointments can be booked with a minimum amount of clicks.


It integrates with the PhonePad 5 database and communicates via the PhonePad 5 Server, so there is no duplication of data.  The contacts that appear in the Appointment Calendar are the same contacts that appear in PhonePad and its Address Book.


Features of Appointment Calendar include:


Intuitive user interface makes it easy to use.

Day, Week and Month calendar views.

View appointment details by hovering mouse cursor over an appointment.

Repeat (recurring) appointments.

Easily find next appointment for any provider.

Copy all details of an existing appointment to a new appointment.

Various appointment types (Standard, Concurrent, Personal, Breaks, Leave, etc.)

Configurable main toolbar.

12 or 24 hour time format.

Dates adjust to your local settings.

Printouts and reports.

Complete history of all appointments.

Plus more.



Like PhonePad, Appointment Calendar is an evolving product that will continue to be enhanced over time.  We welcome any suggestions and feedback you may have.


We hope you enjoy using Appointment Calendar and find it a valuable tool for your business or organization.




Appointment Calendar is not available as a separate application.