PhonePad Database Location

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If you haven't told MessageSender the location of your PhonePad database (which you wouldn't have the first time you open MessageSender Manager) this screen will be displayed.




1.You can type in the location of your PhonePad data folder, or you can select it by clicking the folder button (next to the Data Folder field).


2.If you're not sure where the data folder is, click the Find Database button.  MessageSender Manager will attempt to locate the folder for you.




3.In the above example, two data folders were found (there should normally be only one but the example was done on a test machine).  Select the correct folder then click OK.


4.If you check the other button next to the Data Folder field (the one with the tick/check mark), MessageSender Manager will confirm that the folder does contain the PhonePad data files.




5.Click OK to save this setting.


IMPORTANT: The MessageSender service is a Windows service that runs under the system account.  This means that it cannot access a network drive.  The PhonePad data folder must be located on a drive that is local to the service.  If the PhonePad data folder is located on a network drive, it will also map to a local drive on the server.  You will need to find out where that is.


If you are running MessageSender on a Host PC on a Peer-to-Peer network then you don't need to worry about this. Make sure though that the PhonePad data folder is not on a NAS device.