Installing MessageSender

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Let's get started.  The first step is to download MessageSender 5 from the website ( and then follow these instructions for installing MessageSender:


1.Run MessageSender5Setup.exe.


2.You may be prompted with a Security Warning.  Click Run.




3.The MessageSender setup program Welcome screen will be displayed.




4.Click Next to continue.


5.The License Agreement screen will be displayed.  Please read the agreement before continuing.




6.You will need to select the I accept the agreement option before you can continue. Click Next when you are ready.


7.An Information screen will be displayed. Click Next when you are ready.




8.Specify the Destination Location (the folder you want to install MessageSender in), or use the default location (C:\Program Files\MessageSender5).




9.Click Next to continue


10.Specify a Start Menu Folder or use the default one.



11.Click Next to continue.


12. If you want a Desktop icon or a Quick Launch icon created for MessageSender Manager, select these options.




13. Click Next to continue.


14. You're now ready to install MessageSender.




15. Click Install to begin.





16. That's it.  MessageSender has been installed on your system.




17. Click Finish to complete the process.