PhonePad Referral Program
We are so grateful for all our of customers that recommend PhonePad to their friends and associates.  As a sign of our appreciation, and to help you when you tell people about PhonePad, we have introduced the PhonePad Referral Program. Now when you recommend PhonePad to someone, they will receive a discount when they decide to purchase.  In addition to that, you will receive a referral payment equal to the discount. How happy will they be when you not only introduce them to a great product that will save them time and money, but they also get it at a special price because of you! But it doesn’t end there. The more recommendations you make, the bigger the discount you can give your friends and associates, which means the bigger the referral payment for you Everybody wins.
Introducing the PhonePad Referral Program
The 4 Levels of the PhonePad Referral Program
The PhonePad Referral Program consists of 4 levels, which range from 10% to 25%.  Each time you reach a new level the discount increases and your referral payment increases by the same amount.
How It Works
How to Get Started
Why not join the PhonePad Referral Program and get started today?  It costs nothing to join. Just click the Register Now button below and you will be taken to the referral program system where you can register and log in to your account.
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