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Version 5.0.0 Major new release of PhonePad.
Version 4.25 Rebuilt Address Book Import feature.
Fixed problem with messages not being found when searching in other user's Inboxes in Receptionist mode.
Fixed issue with email addresses not being pre-populated in Email Message facility.
Changed PhonePad to work with new licensing system.
New improved installation.
Added AutoConfig Server and AutoConfig Workstation to provide automatic data connection configuration.
Modified AutoConfig to prevent multiple instances.
Fixed issue with AutoConfig not shutting down correctly when Windows is shut down.
Minor fixes for WhereRU.
Version 4.24 Fixed issue with PhonePad starting with no user account when PhonePad was not configured correctly. PhonePad now checks for inconsistencies in the configuration and to prevent this from happening.
Improved error messages with steps on how to resolve issues.
A lot of error handling built in to PhonePad had suddenly stopped working due to an obscure bug. This has been fixed.
The configuration checks within DBConnect have been expanded with some additional checks and more detailed information on how to correct any issues. These can now be printerd out as well.
All PhonePad applications have been modified to allow the PHONEPAD.INI configuration file to be located in one of a number of folders. This is to get around over-restrictive Windows permissions.
A problem was discovered with opening text messages in the Sent folder. This has been fixed.
When PhonePad was run in Remote Mode, if the connection to the server (DBServer) was lost PhonePad would continously try to reconnect. PhonePad will now prompt for reconnection.
The PhonePad installer has been modified in an attempt to make it a little less confusing when installing PhonePad. The Installation Guide has been updated in line with these changes.
Searching for text in the Subject field resulted in an error. This has been fixed.
Build 0 and 1 broke AutoLogin. Build 2 fixes this issue.
Version 4.23 Fixed issue (again) with search methods SQL failing when words have apostrophes, eg. O'Brien.
Fixed issue with administrators not being able to edit restricted Address Book entries.
Changed temporary file extensions to avoid permission/performance issues with anti-virus real-time scanners.
Fixed issue with WhereRU help file not installing on local hard drive.
Added Always Forward Messages option to Automatic Message Forwarding.
Fixed minor issue with automatic moving of messages to folders that affected some users.
PhonePad was not switching back to user's Inbox when they receive a message while viewing another user's Inbox - FIXED.
Version 4.22 Centralized Preferences. User preferences are gradually being migrated from the Windows registry to the PhonePad database, which means the settings will follow you from computer to computer. This is
Enhanced Automatic Message Forwarding. Forward messages to email or SMS based on user status, availability and other criteria.
New WhereRU staff status board replaces In-Out Board.
Expanded user attributes: photo, location, area, phone number, mobile/cell number.
New command line option for passing username and password to login.
New option for logging error messages makes it easier to report issues to Support.
New Error Log Viewer for viewing error logs.
New option to automatically move Completed messages to a specified folder.
Added to restrict access to the PhonePad Address Book.
Updated Shortcuts utility.
Fixed issue where default labels were not being displayed.
Version 4.21 Implemented a new message list control.
Added option to disable message filtering.
Disabling user accounts has stopped working - fixed.
Added option to delay remote connection start up.
Version 4.20 Fixed issues with automatically adding new address book entries.
Version 4.19 Fixed speed issues and errors on searches.
Fixed text printing errors.
Fixed missing message icons on search results.
Fixed issue with wrong follow up details being displayed when editing or viewing follow up notes in personal folders.
Fixed issue with custom labels not being displayed in phone messages.
Added warning message when trial period or temporary license has 7 days or less to go.
Added option for selecting the TAPI device.
Other minor fixes.
Version 4.18 Added option for automatically moving read messages to a personal folder.
Added option to Automatic Message Forwarding to only send Urgent messages.
Added option to the Forward By PhonePad feature (under Automatic Message Forwarding) to not send Private messages.
Added option to set a default action when double-clicking on PhonePad system tray icon.
Integrated custom message label editing into PhonePad Admin. Removed separate LabelEditor utility.
Changed Address Book so that only administrators can delete all entries.
Added option for disabling confirmation message when phone messages are canceled.
Added status report to PhonePad Admin that shows that status of all messages in each user's Inbox.
Changed format of trace logs to XML.
Administrators can now view Private folders.
Fixed issue with Follow Up Notes list not clearing when selecting another folder.
Fixed issue with Forward By PhonePad feature (under Automatic Message Forwarding) not working under some circumstances.
Fixed issue Caller Lookup entries not being deleted when the corresponding Address Book entry is deleted.
Fixed Subject wrapping issue on some printouts.
Fixed SQL error that occurs when names contain apostrophes.
Fixed encrypted connection issues.
Fixed issue with DBRepair repair log.
Automatically updates local help files if required.
Other minor fixes.
Version 4.17 Added ability to email messages via SMTP.
Configurable authentication methods added.
Version 4.16 Added Caller ID.
Added received call logging.
Added automatic displaying of messages.
Added feature that allows follow up notes to be assigned to another message.
Email Message feature can now use SMTP mail server as well as MAPI.
Fixed issue with follow up notes being assigned to the wrong message.
Fixed issue with new messages sometimes not being displayed in Inbox.
Minor fixes.
Version 4.15 New Follow Up Notes feature allows multiple notes for each message.
New option for sorting message lists.
When forwarding or replying to phone messages, messages now include text from phone message.
Latest News menu option.
Updated message printing.
Added option for installing help files to local drive.
Speed improvements.
Fixed text overlapping problem during printing.
Fixed issues with moving messages between folders.
Fixed issue with Sidebar icons not working.
Fixed error that occurs when archiving messages within PhonePad (not PhonePad Admin).
Fixed problem with incremental search not working on caller lookup in new phone messages.
Added an option to allow message follow ups to be marked as completed even if they're not marked for follow up.
Minor fixes and improvements.
Version 4.14 PhonePad Admin can now import users in one batch via CSV or XML files. This should make it easier for networks with a lot of users.
New Reports - New statistics reports added to PhonePad Admin.
Added Refresh option to user list in Receptionist mode.
Added Quick Print option for printing messages in a compact format to save paper.
Fixed problem with message area default font not observing settings in Preferences.
Fixed problem with flash notification option continually flashing.
In Receptionist mode, the search option should search the selected user's Inbox - fixed.
Search not returning all results - bug in search code - fixed.
Fixed problem with PhonePad Admin starting with a blank user list when there was a database connection error.
Fixed problem with user list in Receptionist mode showing blank entries.
Removed Logged In status from PhonePad Admin as it is not reliable.
Updated links in SupportCenter.
Version 4.13 Fixed problem with sorting in Address Book list where lower case names wouldn't sort properly.
Fixed problem where double-clicking on the Address Book list wasn't opening an entry for edit.
User passwords are now masked in PhonePad Admin and administrators are now required to confirm passwords
Version 4.12 Enhanced and improved performance of caller lookup when creating phone messages.
Improved Address Book list, including sorting and incremental searching.
Improved archiving in PhonePad Admin
Changed In-Out Board to allow blank Back At times.
Added new option to Preferences that will scroll the Inbox to the most recent message.
Version 4.11 Added shortcuts for Address Book and In-Out Board to the system tray menu.
Added shortcut keys to message TimeStamp option.
AddressBook now remembers window size.
Fixed problem with "Message Sent" message.
Fixed problem "Table not in insert or edit mode" errors.
Minor fixes.
Version 4.10 Added option to customize color of messages in Inbox message list.
Added ability to send multiple attachments to the Email Message feature.
Added quick phone and text message option to system tray menu.
Fixed problem with "expression" error in message printing
Fixed problem with Access Violations when two message are open simultaneously and sent.
Version 4.09 Added attachment option to the Email Message feature.
Improved performance of DBUpdate by removing repair and optimization
Fixed Access Violation errors with message printing.
Fixed network tuning parameters.
Fixed problem with SMS message sending in MessageSender.
Fixed problem with customized labels in MessageSender.
Version 4.08 PhonePad now features Spell Checking, including Live Spelling and AutoCorrect.
Added various SMTP Options to MessageSender preferences.
Added extra MessageSender logging option.
Major upgrade to PhonePad's printing and reporting engine.
When the Subject is changed in a received message, the subject field is now automatically updated in all Inboxes to match.
Caller details (Name and From) loading can be turned off.
Caller details loading multi-threaded to improve phone message load times.
Search function now supports searching archived messages.
PhonePad now remembers default print settings.
Fixed report in PhonePad.
Fixed report in PhonePad Admin.
Fixed Address Book importing problem.
Various minor fixes.
Version 4.07 The phone number lookup window has been improved to allow you to add all phone numbers for new callers at the time of taking a phone message.
The new SupportCenter utility provides instant and convenient access to all support resources available to you from one central location. Just one click takes you to whatever you need.
Added option to prevent messages from being sent if Subject field is blank.
Added option to disable mouse in Recipient List in phone and text messages.
Added user list refresh option to PhonePad Admin.
Added Log SMTP Responses option to MessageSender.
Added SMTP Email Formats to MessageSender.
Added ability to mark messages as Urgent after they have been received.
Added ability to lock Distribution Groups.
F6 key jumps to Subject field in phone and text messages.
Messages that were marked as completed were resetting back to follow up - FIXED.
Fixed reports in PhonePad Admin.
Various minor fixes.
Version 4.06 License keys now embedded into PhonePad database.
Added SMS Support for Automatic Message Forwarding..
Added Multiple Email Addresses for Message Forwarding.
SendAgent is now called MessageSender. Numerous changes to user interface and functionality.
Added message archiving to PhonePad application.
Added message broadcasting to PhonePad Admin.
Added Logout Users option to PhonePad Admin.
Added Server Announcement facility to DBServer and DBConnect.
Improved message searching.
Changed Caller Info feature to display all details for callers.
Updated License.exe to download license keys from license server.
Fixed problem with message count in Receptionist Mode.
In Receptionist Mode, all messages would be displayed for a user when PhonePad starts up - FIXED.
When sending a phone message, it would prompt for which phone number to update, even though this is set to automatic. - FIXED.
Multiple email addresses had broken Email Sending feature. - FIXED.
ALL button in Recipients selection window occasionally cause an error. If the error message is hidden, PhonePad appears to have frozen. - FIXED.
Various minor fixes.
Version 4.05 Message list report added to PhonePad Admin. Also added ability to export report in CSV format.
Popup caller phone window in phone messages has been improved and now allows phone numbers to be edited.
New subject prefix option added.
Default subject when no subject specified.
Phone message title bar now displays caller's name. This makes it easier to identify message when you have multiple messages open.
Address Book tabs now filter entries by either caller's name or their organization.
Ok button in phone and text messages has been renamed to Send.
In the Address Book, the Name and From radio buttons now affect the filtering for the address tabs in addition to incremental searching.
Fixed help file problem caused by Microsoft Security Update 896358. Help file installation is now configurable.
Fixed system shutdown problem again.
Fixed problem where forwarded phone messages are not included when messages are emailed.
Fixed problem where double-clicking on a caller in the Caller Lookup window doesn't select the caller and close the window.
Fixed size of Subject field in numerous places.
Fixed field sorting in personal folders.
Fixed problem with placement of cursor for messages that are being forwarded or replied to.
Fixed user list problem in Receptionist Mode.
Fixed status bar message count problem in Receptionist Mode.
Various minor fixes.
Version 4.04 New version of DBBackup added.
Improved Address Book importing and exporting.
Email phone messages feature added.
Improved In-Out Board.
New License utility added.
Newer Version Check added.
Fixed printing problems.
Fixes double-clicking on messages in Folders.
Standard message printing fixed.
Fixed subject not appearing in Inbox.
Version 4.03 New Receptionist Access security feature added.
Word, HTML and PDF exporting options added to print preview.
Caller Lookup facility added to phone messages.
New message notification options addedd.
UNC button added to DBConnect.
New AutoComplete option added to Preferences.
Preferences window redesigned.
Date and Time Stamp option added to message area popup menu in phone and text messages.
Removed Inbox button from message notification popup (this was redundant functionality).
Removed MIDAS.DLL dependency from DBRepair (it no longer requires this DLL).
New Prompt to Save When Changed option added to Preferences.
Address Book filtering problem - FIXED.
Check box printing - FIXED.
Message subject not being transferred to personal folders - FIXED.
Miscellanous printing problem resolved.
Version 4.02 Fixed problem with checkboxes not being checked in phone message printouts.
Fixed problem with PhonePad not allowing Windows to shutdown when running in system tray.
Added Subject to phone message printouts.
Changed DBUpdate to use the data directory for temporary file storage during upgrades.
Version 4.01 Added automatic addressing option for phone and text messages.
Added option to exclude unused fields for message forwarding (SendAgent).
Added Subject to message forwarding.
Added Subject option to message forwarding.
Added sender's name and email address for message forwarding.
Fixed problem with duplicate recipients.
Fixed printing problem in Remote mode (IR55010259 and IR55010260).
Version 4.00 New internal database engine improves speed and data efficiency.
New ServerManager utility for administering and tweaking the PhonePad server (DBServer).
Optional 128 bit encryption on all communications between PhonePad and DBServer.
Improved compression on PhonePad Internet connections.
Improved Address Book integration with Microsoft Outlook
Added new fields to the Address Book.
Added alphabetical tabs to the Address Book.
Added subject field to phone messages.
Added Show Inbox button to message notification dialog.
Added option to allow all messages to be marked as completed when one of the recipients completes a follow up.
Added option to allow all message to be marked as read when one of the recipients reads the message.
Added option to change color of message in Inbox only when follow up has been completed.
Increased message font size for 4 to a page phone message printouts.
Changed follow up dialog to allow editing of notes after follow up has been completed.
Fixed problem with typed in recipients not being recognized.
Fixed problem with creating multiple phone and text messages simultaneously.
Fixed user list problem in Receptionist mode.
Minor changes to user interface in all modules.
Version 3.17 Added Hidden option for users added to PhonePad Admin allows users to be excluded from Receptionist list and recipient lists.
Added centralized preferences.
Added Public folders option.
Added message list sorting for ascending and descending order.
Now remembers sort order for each message list.
Added Inbox message list printing.
Added default font setting options for telephone and text messages.
Added Automatic followup option.
Added Customizable telephone message labels.
Added option to export messages to CSV format for importing into spreadsheets.
Added new Label Editor to provide custom label editing facility.
Removed Telephone Message Title option from Preferences (this is now done in the Label Editor).
Fixed problem with maximum users in DBServer.
Fixed problem with In-Out Board status list. (IR55010204)
Version 3.16 Added option for specifying location of license key file.
Extended email field in Address Book to 80 characters.
Fixed caller updating problem. (IR55010181)
Fixed problem with receptionists not being able to read private messages sent to them. (IR55010183)
Fixed problem with printing multiple phone messages. (IR55010179)
Updated help.
Version 3.15 Fixed problems with recipient list in messages.
New icons for PhonePad and PhonePad Admin.
New icons for PhonePad toolbar and sidebar.
Replaced system tray message notification icons.
Miscellaneous minor fixes.
Update Installation Manual.
Updated help.
Version 3.14 New options for caller details in Phone Messages. (Feature Request #IR55010100)
field in Phone Messages is now a drop-down list. (Feature Request #IR55010059)
dialog can now be turned off.
New system settings added to DBConnect.
Fixed message printing problem.
Fixed message list refreshing problem after deletions. (IR55010119)
Minor fixes.
Updated help.
Version 3.13 Fixed "frozen application" problem.
Added code to fix errors with users table.
Minor fixes.
Version 3.12 Added ability to customize phone message title.
Added ability to move messages to and from Sent folder. (IR55010095)
Added server testing facility.
Added manual sorting to In-Out board status list.
Added option to print messages without previewing.
Administrators can now edit and delete Address Book entries created by other users. (IR55010098)
Personal folders could not be deleted - fixed. (IR55010094)
Updated message details don't appear in Inbox list - fixed. (IR55010097)
Error when setting follow up status of messages - fixed. (IR55010096)
Minor fixes.
Version 3.11 New icon for PhonePad.
When replying to messages, message field is now automatically focused. Feature Request #IR55010073.
Search function fixed. (IR55010043)
Error when exporting messages - fixed. (IR55010048)
Unknown recipients when addressing messages - fixed. (IR55010049, IR55010068, IR55010070)
New text message retains message contents after replying to a previous text message - fixed. (IR55010067)
Version 3.10 Changed all help files to HTML Help format.
New DBRepair 2.00 replaces old DBRepair utility.
Added SMTP support to SendAgent.
Updated DBBackup support files.
PhonePad now shuts down if connection to server is lost. (IR55010024)
Moving messages problem fixed. (IR55010028)
Data update error fixed. (IR55010027)
Fixed problem with spaces in recipient's names. (IR55010021)
Fixed problem with flashing notification. (IR55010032)
Minor fixes.
Version 3.09 Added two new options for received messages in Preferences:
- Allow/disallow editing of received messages.
- Allow/disallow changing of caller details for received messages.
Fixed problem with Caller Time Lookup feature.
Added message receipts..
Added mouse support to drop-down recipient list.
Added message editing for received text messages.
Fixed message sorting in personal folders message list.
Version 3.08 Added Recipient Lookup List to phone and text messages.
Added Private Messages option to phone and text messages.
Added Folder Manager for managing personal folders.
Added new database verification and locating features to DBConnect.
Fixed PhonePad and Inbox shutdown problem.
Minor changes and bug fixes.
Minor database changes.
Version 3.07 In-Out Board: Window can now be resized.
In-Out Board: Remembers window position and size.
In-Out Board: Remembers column widths in status list.
In-Out Board: Users now sorted in alphabetical order.
In-Out Board: Optional log file.
In-Out Board: Columns can be sorted by clicking column headings.
DBServer: Fixed problem with remote login when setting up server.
Help files updated.
Version 3.06 Increased size of email field in Address Book.
Added configurable system settings in DBConnect.
Changes to improve robustness.
Fixed problem with database shutdown feature where PhonePad is installed on individual workstations.
Fixed Run on Startup problem - it couldn't be turned off.
Changes to repair process in PPAdmin and DBRepair.
Upgrade of internal database engine.
Version 3.05 Messages can be marked as completed without the need to mark them for follow up first.
When exporting messages, follow up notes are now included.
Notes can be added directly to message text for received messages.
The In-Out Board can now be started minimized and can also run from the system tray.
Version 3.04 Added ctrl-tab shortcut to Phone Message window (allows you to tab out of the message area).
Added new option to Preferences for Receptionist mode for receiving notification of new messages for other users.
Added new In-Out Board for checking availability of staff.
Added new options to Preferences for In-Out Board.
Changed Run on Startup option under Preferences. This option can now be enabled/disabled easily.
Version 3.03 Due to a bug in a 3rd party component, Receptionist mode was broken in 3.02. This has been fixed in this release.
Version 3.02 Fixed Windows shutdown problem.
Fixed taskbar notification problem.
Fixed Inbox switching problem in Receptionist mode.
Version 3.01 Changes in PhonePad broke SendAgent - fixed.
Notification not working correctly - fixed.
Fixed 8708 database error.
Added INI file option to specify location of license key file.
Minor fixes.
Version 3.00 Added multiple message capability.
Added remote network (client/server) functionality.
Added message exporting.
Improved Address Book exporting.
Added phone number lookup for phone messages.
Text messages can now be resized.
Added Distribution Groups.
Added selectable phone number updating.
Added new options to Preferences.
Updated database engine.
Added new licensing system.
Added system information.
Version 2.20 Changes made to improve performance on some networks.
Version 2.19 Changed inbox checking so that message delivery is now immediate.
Added Inbox message filtering.
Added sorting to Address Book.
Added incremental searching to Address Book.
Added printing for follow ups.
Set database connection polling to off as default.
Added database connection polling option to PhonePad Admin.
Fixed archiving problem in PhonePad Admin.
Fixed user deleting problem in PhonePad Admin.
Fixed Inbox selection problem.
Fixed license information in PhonePad Admin About box.
Fixed message text problem when printing phone messages one-to-a-page.
Version 2.18 Maintenance release.
Fixed Access Violation and Illegal Operation problems with systems running in Large Fonts mode.
Version 2.17 Maintenance release.
Added INI file option to disable database polling feature.
Added new DBConnection utility.
Version 2.16 New Multiple Recipient support.
Added database connection polling.
NewCaller Time Lookup.
Sortable message lists.
Improved printing options
Fixed notification bug.
Minor bug fixes.
Version 2.15 Maintenance release. New versions of PhonePad, PhonePad Admin, SendAgent and DBUpdate.
Upgrade of internal database engine.
Minor bug fixes.
Version 2.14 Maintenance release. New versions of PhonePad Admin and DBUpdate.
Version 2.13 New DBUpdate automatically handles the creation and updating of the PhonePad database.
New DBBackup helps you protect your data by providing a way for you to backup your data regularly.
Version 2.12 New search feature.
Added notes for completed calls.
Move messages to the Inbox.
Customisable font size for message form controls.
Enter key acts like tab key when creating messages.
Additional Address Book fields.
Fix deletion problem.
Minor bug fixes and improvements.
Version 2.11 All bug fixes were in the Receptionist Mode:
- User list didn't display any names in v2.10. This was due to a bug with a 3rd party component we use. It sometimes drops properties at compile time. FIXED.
- User list displayed when viewing Sent box or personal folders - disabled this to avoid confusion.
- Unable to delete other user's Inbox messages. FIXED.
Minor bug fixes.
Version 2.10 Added text messages. Added forward and reply. Added message follow up. Added personal folders. Added new status icons. Added automatic message forwarding. Added message color options. Added message ID
Version 2.09 Fixed problem with message preview and printing. On some systems, message would appear as black blobs when previewed or printed. Updated print engine.
Version 2.08 Improved printing. Added multiple message printing. Added multiple message deleting. Fixed problem with page options on message printing. Added database location selection to PhonePad Admin.
Version 2.07 Added Importing option. Added popup message when new messages are received. Fixed a minor bug with message status updating that caused a database engine error. Added code to fix appearance when using
Version 2.06 Added phone number dialing. Fixed some minor bugs.
Version 2.05 Added the notification sound option. Fixed some minor bugs.
Version 2.04 Added startup options.
Version 2.03 Added color coding for messages. Archiving facility added to PhonePad Admin.
Version 2.02 Added new Receptionist Mode.
Version 2.01 Fixed a problem with evaluation periods expiring prematurely.
Version 2.00 Initial release.
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