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Connection Problems

1 PhonePad Has Stopped Connecting to the PhonePad Server.

If PhonePad was connecting fine to the PhonePad Server but has now stopped connecting, the most likely cause is the server's IP address has changed. If the server is configured to use a dynamic IP address, Windows will often change the IP address when the…

2 PhonePad is Working on the Host PC But Workstations Won't Connect in Local Mode.

If PhonePad is working fine on your Host PC but the workstations are unable to connect, there are a number of things to check: Is the PhonePad database located in a Public folder on the Host PC? Have you shared the PhonePad data folder on the Host PC? This…

3 PhonePad Unable to Connect When Server/Host PC's IP Address Changes.

Please Note: The following information only applies when you have PhonePad configured for Remote Mode. If you are using PhonePad in Local Mode then this information is not relevant. If your Server/Host PC has a dynamic IP address then PhonePad will be unable…