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"Unable to Convert License" Error.

Author: Admin Reference Number: AA-00253 Views: 2014 Created: 2014-09-21 23:14 Last Updated: 2014-09-21 23:15 0 Rating/ Voters


After upgrading to PhonePad Version 4.25, you get the following error message when you run PhonePad:

"Unable to convert license! Error: DBISAM Engine Error 11949 SQL parsing error - Expected column name but instead found ProductCode in UPDATE SQL statement at line 2, column 8".

This is normally followed by this error:

"PhonePad has to close because a critical error has occurred: qryGetLicenceDetails: Field 'ProductCode' not found."


You have not upgraded your PhonePad database to Version 4.25.

You should always run DBUpdate when upgrading your version of PhonePad to ensure that you are using the latest version of the PhonePad database. Otherwise, PhonePad may try to access database fields that don't actually exist.


Run DBUpdate (located in the PhonePad folder) and follow the on-screen prompts.