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PhonePad Unable to Connect When Server/Host PC's IP Address Changes.

Author: Admin Reference Number: AA-00248 Views: 1992 Created: 2014-06-17 03:50 Last Updated: 2014-06-17 03:50 0 Rating/ Voters

Please Note: The following information only applies when you have PhonePad configured for Remote Mode.  If you are using PhonePad in Local Mode then this information is not relevant.

If your Server/Host PC has a dynamic IP address then PhonePad will be unable to connect when Windows automatically assigns a new IP address, because it will still be using the old IP address. Previously, the only way to fix this was to either change the Server/Host PC to use a static IP address, or manually go to each workstation and enter the new IP address in DBConnect.

FindMe is a new application that will automatically update PhonePad on your workstations when the Server/Host PC's IP address changes.  It consists of two Windows services: FindMe Server and FindMe Client.

FindMe Server is installed on your Server/Host PC, and FindMe Client is installed on each of your workstations.

You can download the FindMe installer here.