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Errors When Installing PhonePad on New Computers.

Author: Admin Reference Number: AA-00246 Views: 1724 Created: 2014-04-24 22:21 Last Updated: 2014-04-24 22:21 0 Rating/ Voters

If you have installed PhonePad on a new computer running Windows 7.xx or Windows 8.xx and are getting "unusual" error messages to do with PHONEPAD.INI or the Windows Temporary Folder, then please read this information. 

We have had quite a few remote support sessions recently where users have reported these issues after moving PhonePad to new computers running Windows 7 or Windows 8.  The problems are being caused by over restrictive permissions of C:\Program Files (x86).  After trying various solutions we have found that the most effective way to resolve this is by installing PhonePad in C:\PhonePad, ie. a folder under the root folder.  This is not the standard folder recommended by Microsoft for software programs, however, in situations where nothing else works, we found this is the best solution.