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Welcome and thank you for downloading TextMessenger.


With TextMessenger you can send text messages to your mobile devices from the comfort of your desktop computer or laptop.  You can even schedule messages to be sent at a specific date and time.


TextMessenger is a Windows application that uses a service called Pushover to send notification messages to iOS and Android devices via the Internet.  It is ideal for businesses where staff are often out of the office.


Instead of using your telecommunication provider's SMS network, it uses a special service that does not have the costs normally associated with sending text messages.  Using TextMessenger, you can send over 7000 messages a month free of charge.  That can result in a huge saving.


You will need to create a free account with Pushover, and download and install the Pushover app to your mobile device to receive the messages.


Pushover offer a 7 day free trial of their apps.  The price of their apps after the trial period is very affordable.


You also get a 10 day free trial with TextMessenger so you can try it out alongside the Pushover trial.


Why not get started with TextMessenger now.  We'll show you how to set everything up.