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TextMessenger can support multiple users. Each user can have their own login account.


To add, edit or delete users you must be logged in as an administrator.



Adding a User


1.Select Users from the side menu.




2.Click the Add button.




3.Enter the Username.


4.Enter the Password.


5.Enter the password again under Confirm.  If the two passwords don't match, the Confirm field will be highlighted in red.


6.If you want the user to be an administrator, check the Administrator check box.


7.Click OK to add the user.



Editing a User


The Edit button can be used to change a user's username or password (you can also double-click on the user's name in the user list).  Users can also change their own password via the Change Password option.



Deleting a User


The Delete button will delete the selected user.





There is no limit to the number of users in TextMessenger.