User Settings

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Each user has their own user settings.  These settings are stored in the TextMessenger database so they are available to users on any machine that TextMessenger is available on.


Select User Settings from the Tools menu, or click the User Settings button on the toolbar.




Use the side menu to select the settings you want to view or change.



Application Settings


Startup Options


Run when Windows Starts


When checked, TextMessenger will automatically start when Windows starts.

Run from System Tray

When checked, the TextMessenger icon will be displayed in the system tray (notification area).

Show Setup Guide on startup

When checked, the Setup Guide will be displayed once you login.  Only applies to administrators.



Application Behavior


Minimize application when X is clicked.


When checked, TextMessenger will minimize instead of closing when the X or close button at the top right of the main window is clicked. To close TextMessenger you will need to select Exit from the File menu or click the Exit button on the toolbar.



Login Settings


These settings provide login options.




Easy Login


Remember my Username and Password


When checked, TextMessenger will automatically start when Windows starts.



Forgotten Passwords




If you enter your email address, you can use the I Forgot My Password option on the login screen to recover your password.



New Message Settings


Default Settings for New Messages


These settings allow you to set default options for new messages.  These can be overridden when you are creating a new text message.





Default Subject


Set a default subject for new messages.



Default Sound


Set a default sound that will be played on the receiving device when a new message is received.



Default Priority


Set the default priority for new messages.



Default Contacts


Set default contacts for new messages.  These will be automatically selected when you create a new message.



Select Contacts


Used to add or remove contacts from the Default Contacts list.



Message List Settings


List Sorting




Latest Messages


Set the sort order for messages in the Sent Messages and Scheduled Messages lists.


Click OK to save your settings, or Cancel to abandon them.