Setting Up Text Messenger

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The easiest way to set up Text Messenger is to use the Setup Guide as it will take you step-by-step through the process.  Alternatively, if you already have your Pushover details you can add them via the System Settings option.


1.If you don't have the Setup Guide open, select Setup Guide from the Help menu.




2.Click Next to continue.


3.This page briefly describes how TextMessenger works.





4.Click Next to continue.


5.The first step is to create your free Pushover account.  Click the link on this page to go to the Pushover website. Click the Login or Signup link.  Follow the instructions on the website to create your account.




6.Once your account has been created, click the Next button in the Setup Guide.


7.Copy Your User Key from your Pushover account and paste it into the Your User Key field in the Setup Guide as shown.




8.Click the Next button to continue.


9.So that you can send messages from TextMessenger, you will need to register it under your account.  As shown on this page, click on the Register an Application link in your Pushover account.




10.Under Name, type TextMessenger (1).


11.Select Application from the drop-down list (2).


12.Check the Terms and Services check box (3).


13.Click Create Application (4).


14.Click the Click here to see a screenshot link to view a screenshot of the application registration screen.




15.You should now have an Application Key.  Click Next to continue.




16.Copy the Application Key from your Pushover account and paste it into the Your Application Key field in the Setup Guide.


17.Click the Next button to continue.




18.Now that you have both the User Key and Application Key, you are almost ready to go.


19.The final step is to download the Pushover app for your mobile device/s. This page has links to the app stores for iOS and Android.


20.Click the Close button to save your settings.



The Pushover apps come with a 7 day trial period.  They don't cost much to purchase and you only need to pay once per platform (iOS and Android).  This means that for example, if you purchase the iOS app, you only need to pay for the first iOS device.  The app is free for subsequent iOS devices.*


* This applied at the time this help file was written. Things may have changed since then.