ServerManager User Guide

Troubleshooting Problems

Troubleshooting Problems

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Troubleshooting Problems

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If you experience any problems communicating with the PhonePad server using ServerManager, or receive error messages, please check the following list for possible solutions.  If you are unable to resolve the problem please contact



Problem or Error




"Unable to connect to server"

The PhonePad server (DBServer) is not running.
A firewall, router or bridge is blocking the IP address or ports.

Check to make sure the PhonePad server is running and is online.
Check to make sure that any firewalls, routers or bridges between the workstation and server are not blocking the IP address of the server or the ports PhonePad uses to communicate (12005 and 12006).


"Unable to retrieve server name"


"Unable to retrieve server uptime"


"Unable to retrieve database engine version"


"Unable to check for PhonePad database on the server"


"Unable to check for default login on the server"


"Unable to retrieve remote database  location"

The PhonePad server hasn't been setup.

Setup the server using the steps detailed under Setting Up the PhonePad Server.


No response from server.

Close down both ServerManager and PhonePad server and restart them.