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Setting Up the PhonePad Server

Setting Up the PhonePad Server

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Setting Up the PhonePad Server

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Before you can start using PhonePad in Remote Mode, you need to get the PhonePad Server set up.  This only needs to be done once, unless you change the location of the PhonePad database.


For these instructions, it's assumed that you will be performing these steps on your server or host computer.



Step 1 - Install the PhonePad Server.


The first step is to install the PhonePad server.


1.Run ServerManager.


2.Click the Install Service button.  The PhonePad Server will be installed as a Windows service.




3.Click the button next to the Server IP Address field.  ServerManager will insert the IP address of the server or host computer you are currently using.




Step 3 - Enter the Location of the PhonePad Database.


Enter the location of the PhonePad database under Remote Data Directory.  The default location is C:\Program Files\PhonePad\Data, but it may be different if you didn't install PhonePad directly on the server or host computer.






The PhonePad database is created and maintained by the DBUpdate utility.  This is automatically run when you do a full install of PhonePad.  If you have not yet setup your PhonePad database, or if you want to set it up in a different location, run DBUpdate and specify where the PhonePad database should be located.



Step 4 - Setup the Server.


Click the Setup Server button.  Within a couple of minutes or so you should get a message that says the server has been setup.





If you get any error messages, please refer to Troubleshooting Problems.



Step 5 - Test the Server Configuration.


Click the Test Server button to test the configuration of the server to ensure that it has been setup correctly.  See Testing the Server for more information.