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Server Configuration

Server Configuration

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Server Configuration

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The Server Configuration view is used to "tweak" the PhonePad Server.  In other words it can be used to fine tune the server's performance.  We highly recommend you don't change any of these settings unless advised to by Cybercom Software support.






Click the Get Config button to retrieve these settings from the PhonePad server.



Connection Timeout

Specifies how long a session is allowed to remain idle before the session is disconnected automatically by the PhonePad server.

Dead Session Interval

Specifies how often the PhonePad server should check for dead sessions (sessions that have been disconnected for Dead Session Expires seconds).

Dead Session Expires

Specifies when a disconnected session is considered "dead" based upon the number of seconds since it was last connected.  Specifying 0 for this parameter will cause the PhonePad server to never consider disconnected sessions as dead and instead will keep them around based upon the Max Dead Sessions setting alone.

Max Dead Sessions

Specifies how many dead sessions are allowed on the PhonePad server before the server will start removing dead sessions in oldest-first order.

Authorized Addresses

Lists the IP addresses that the server will accept connections from.  You can specify individual IP addresses in this list if you prefer, although this is not necessary for correct operation.  The default is * for all IP addresses.

Blocked Addresses

Lists the IP addresses that the server will not accept connections from.  This is blank by default, which means that no IP addresses are blocked.


Warning:  If you block the IP address of the workstation you are running ServerManager on, you will be no longer be able to check or change any settings (trust me, I've done it).

Temporary Directory

Indicates where temporary tables are stored relative to the PhonePad server.  This setting is global for all users.

Deny Logins

If checked, the PhonePad Server will prevent all logins.

Get Config

Retrieves the current configuration from the server.

Save Config

Saves the configuration to the server.

Server Trace

When checked, ServerManager will trace all communications between itself and the PhonePad server.  This is only used to debug problems and so should normally be left unchecked.

View Trace

Click this button to view the trace file.