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Label Editor

Label Editor

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Label Editor

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The Label Editor allows you to customize some of the labels used for phone messages.





The top half of screen, which looks like a phone message, is a preview of any changes you make.  As you change the various labels, the preview will update in real time.  You don't need to add the colons ( : ) as these will be automatically inserted.


To save your changes, click the OK button.  To cancel you changes, click the Cancel button.



Saves your changes.



Cancels your changes.



Resets all labels to their default settings.


Imports custom labels from the Labels.ini file (if it exists).



Displays online help.





The built-in Label Editor in PhonePad Admin replaces the separate editing utility previously available.  Instead of using a LABELS.INI file, your custom labels are now stored in your PhonePad database.