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Archiving Messages

Archiving Messages

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Archiving Messages

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An alternative to purging messages is to archive them.  Archiving moves messages from the main message database to a special archive database.  Unlike purging, the messages are not deleted - they are still available.  You can retrieve them at any time (see Viewing the Archive for more information).




You have two options when archiving messages:


Only archive message that have been deleted from Inboxes, Sent folders and other folders.

As the option suggests, only messages that have already been deleted by users (in other words messages that are no longer being used) will be archived.

Archive messages and remove them from Inboxes, etc.

Selecting this option will results in messages being automatically deleted from Inboxes and other folders and moved into the archive.



To archive messages, click on the Archive Messages button on the toolbar, select Archive Messages from the Tools menu, or click on Archive Messages on the taskbar.  Select a date (or type one in) using the drop-down calendar, and then click on the Archive button to start the process.  The progress bar provides an indication of the archiving status.


All messages prior to the date you select will be archived.  Archiving messages is handy for organizations that want to keep a record of all telephone messages for a period of time (eg. years).


Important Information


When a user deletes a message from their Inbox or another folder, the message isn't actually deleted.  Although the user can no longer see or access the message, it still exists in the database until the administrator either purges unused messages or archives them.  Archived messages can still be access via PhonePad's search feature, however purged messages are permanently deleted and can't be recovered.