Windows Startup

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If you have PhonePad configured to start automatically when Windows starts, in some cases PhonePad may not be able to establish a connection with the Server or Host PC.


Sometimes it can take a few seconds or more for the workstation's network adapter to connect to your network.  If this happens then PhonePad will be unable to locate your PhonePad 5 Server will probably display a connection error or may just sit there in a state of limbo.


To resolve this, you can configure PhonePad to wait until a network connection is available:


1.Go to the PhonePad 5 folder on your workstation.


2.Run Workstation Config.


3.Select the Settings tab.




4.Check the Wait for network connection on startup check box.


5.Click Save.



When you start PhonePad now you will see that it waits for a network connection before proceeding.