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Spell Checking a Message

Spell Checking a Message

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Spell Checking a Message

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Live Spelling



If you have Live Spelling enabled, misspelt words will be automatically underlined in red.





To correct a possibly misspelt word, right-click on the highlighted word and select the correct suggestion from the popup menu.  If the word is actually correctly spelt, you can choose to ignore it or add it to your custom dictionary.







Ignore this occurrence of the word.

Ignore All

Ignore all occurrences of this word.


Add this word to the dictionary.

Change All

Change all occurrences of the word.

Auto Correct

If you select the corrected word from this list, the misspelt word will be added to the Auto Correct dictionary.  Next time you misspell the word the same way, it will be automatically corrected for you.


Displays the Spelling Options dialog, allowing you to specify the various spell checking options.


Performing a Spell Check Manually


To perform a manual spell check, click on the Spell Check button on the toolbar.




The Spelling dialog will be displayed, listing all the suggestions for the misspelt word.






The options shown in this dialog are the same as the Live Spelling options.