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Like the toolbar, the sidebar provides a number of shortcuts to PhonePad's features.  It is divided into three groups: Inbox, Sent and Other.  Click on the group name to display the buttons for that group.  Click on a button to activate that function.  An arrow button in a group indicates that there are other buttons that are currently hidden.  Click on the arrow button to display the other buttons.






Each of the groups has its own set of buttons:




New PhoneCreate and send a new telephone message.        



New TextCreate and send a new text message.



ViewView the selected Inbox message.        


DeleteDelete the selected Inbox message.        


PrintPrint the selected Inbox message.        


ForwardForward the selected message to another user.        


ReplyReply to the selected message.        


DialDials the caller's phone number in the selected message.        


Check InboxManually check for new messages.        





ViewView the selected Sent message.        


PrintPrint the selected Sent message.        


DeleteDelete the selected Sent message.        


ResendResend the selected message.        





Address BookDisplay the Address Book.        


DistributionSet up Distribution Groups for sending messages to.



PasswordChange your PhonePad password.        


PreferencesCustomize PhonePad's settings.        


MessageAutomatically forward messages to an email address.        



In-Out Board        Launches the built-in In-Out Board, allowing you to set your availability and to check the status of other staff.



FoldersAllows you to create your own folders for storing messages in.