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Sending a Phone Message

Sending a Phone Message

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Sending a Phone Message

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Sending a phone message with PhonePad is easy:


1.Click on the New Phone Message button on the sidebar, or click on the New Phone Message button on the toolbar, or select New Phone Message from the File menu, or simply press the Insert key on your computer keyboard.
2.The date and time of the message are automatically filled in for you, but you can change them if you wish.
3.Click on the user lookup button (To) and select one or more recipients from the list.  Alternatively, click in the TO box and press any key to display a popup list of recipients.
4.Select a Caller from the drop-down list or type one in.  If the caller already exists in the PhonePad Address Book, their details will be displayed automatically for you (if you have the Auto Completion option enabled).  Alternatively, you can click on the Caller button to display the Caller Lookup window.
5.Enter where the person is From, if applicable.  This is a drop-down list so you can select from a list of organizations.
6.Enter a Phone No. for the caller, or click on the clip0001 button and select a phone number from the list.  (Click here for important information about phone number formatting).
7.Select the appropriate details of the call, ie. Phoned, Returned Your Call or Came to See You.
8.Select an action for the recipient, ie. No Action Required, Please Phone, Will Phone Again, Will Drop by Again, Wants to See You.
9.If required, enter a time for Will Be In At.
10.Click the Urgent box if the message is urgent.
11.Click the Private box if you don't want receptionists to be able to read the message.
12.Click the Receipt box if you want to be notified when the message has been read.  Important Note: you will receive a receipt from every person in the To box.
13.Enter a Message if required.  You can use the formatting tools on the toolbar for this if you want to change the font, style, etc.
14.Click the OK button to send the message.



 Phone Message



This may seem like a lot of steps to take but they are all fairly straight forward and can be performed very quickly.


Selecting a Caller from the Drop-Down List


When the cursor enters the Caller field, the Caller drop-down list will be automatically displayed.  This allows you to incrementally search through all callers in your Address Book.  A caller can be selected by using the up and down arrow keys and then pressing the <enter> key or space bar.




There is a similar feature for the From field (if enabled under Preferences).


The Message Text Area


The Message text area can display "Rich Text", which means you can apply various formatting to the text you enter.  It has the following features:


Variable font type, style, color, size, etc.
Different text alignment for each line of text.
Cut, copy and paste.  Paste from another application, eg. Microsoft Word.
Right-click for a popup menu.


         Message Area Popup Menu


The Stamp menu option allows you to add a date and time stamp and username stamp.


The Message text area allows tabs for formatting messages.  Use <ctrl> <tab> to tab out of the message area.


If the Add New Callers to Address Book option is enabled under Preferences, any new callers you enter will be stored in the Address Book (including where they are from and their phone no.).


If the Update Address Book option is enabled under Preferences, any changes you make to an existing caller (ie. where they are from and their phone no.) will be updated in the Address Book.



Press F5 to go directly to the Message area.