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Preferences - General

Preferences - General

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Preferences - General

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The General tab contains various options for customizing PhonePad settings.






Startup Options

Run from System Tray

When checked, PhonePad will run as a system tray application.

Run Minimized

When checked, PhonePad will minimize when it is started.

Run on Startup

When checked, PhonePad will start whenever Windows starts.

Application Settings

Application Minimizes

When Closed

When checked, clicking on the CloseButton button in the main window will minimize PhonePad instead of shutting it down.  This is checked by default.


Animated Hourglass


For something different, you can select this option to change the standard hourglass cursor to an animated one.  Click the Test button to see what it looks like.

System Tray Icon

Double Left Click

Enables you to specify a default action when you double-click the PhonePad icon in the system tray (note: the icon won't appear in the system tray if the Run From System Tray icon is not enabled.


Available options are:


Open PhonePad
Create a New Phone Message
Create a New Text Message
Display Address Book

Toolbar Hints

Popup Hint Style

Allows you to specify the style of popup hints used in PhonePad: Standard or Balloon.

Help Files

Location of Help Files

By default, the help files for the PhonePad system are located in the PhonePad directory.  However, due to a security update by Microsoft, HTML Help files can't be displayed if they are located on network drives.  This setting allow you to specify a local drive for the help files (you need to install the help files on the local drive).




If you are upgrading from an earlier version of PhonePad, you may need to delete PhonePad from your system's Startup group.