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Preferences - Follow Up

Preferences - Follow Up

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Preferences - Follow Up

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The Follow Up tab contains options for customizing message Follow Up settings.


 Preferences - Follow Up


Follow Ups

Automatically mark all new phone messages for follow up

When checked, new phone messages that are received will be automatically marked for follow up.

Show follow ups on startup

When checked, the Inbox will show display all messages that need to be followed up.  See Filtering Inbox Messages for more information.

Set messages as completed for all recipients

When checked, a message will be marked as completed in the Inbox of all recipients.

Change read message

color only when follow up

has been completed

Normally, the color of a message will change in the Inbox message list when the message has been read.  If  this option is checked, the color will only change when the message has been followed up.

Follow Up Completion Options

Display Follow Up Notes window on completion

When checked, whenever you mark a Follow Up as completed, you will be prompted to enter a Follow Up Note.


If unchecked, a default Follow Up Note will be created (see following option).

Default Completion Text to Display

If the above option is not checked, the text specified for this option will be used for the default Follow Up Note that is automatically created when a Follow Up is completed.

Allow Completion Without Being Marked for Follow Up

When checked, a message not marked for Follow Up can still be marked as Completed.


When unchecked, only messages marked for Follow Up can be marked as Completed.  This avoids accidentally marking a message as Completed when really what you wanted to do is mark it for Follow Up.