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The PhonePad menu bar has 3 menus.  Many of the menu items are also available from the toolbar and sidebar.




File menu

New Phone Message

Creates a new phone message.

New Text Message

Creates a new text message.

View Message

View the selected message (you can also double-click on the message).

Delete Message

Deletes the selected message.        

Sending Options

Forward Message

Forward the selected message to another user.


Reply to Message

Reply to the selected message.        


Resend Message

Resends the selected message.


Print Setup

Allows you to specify the default printer.



Prints the selected message.


Dial Number

Dials the caller's phone number in the selected message.        


Follow Up


Mark for Follow Up

Mark the selected message for following up.        


Add Follow Up Note

Add a new Follow Up Note.


Edit Follow Up Note

Edit the selected Follow Up Note.


Delete Follow Up Note

Delete the selected Follow Up Note.


View Follow Up Note

View the selected Follow Up Note.


Mark as Completed

Indicate that the selected message has been followed up.


Check Inbox

Checks for new messages.



Exits PhonePad.



Tools menu



Switches to the message search screen.


Address Book

Displays the Address Book.


Distribution Groups

Set up Distribution Groups for sending messages to.



Allows you to change your PhonePad password.        



Allows you to customize various PhonePad settings.


Folder Manager

Add, edit and delete personal and public folders.


Message Forwarding

Allows messages to be forwarded to an email address.  (Not to be confused with forwarding a message).


Export to CSV File

Export selected messages to a text file in CSV (Comma Separated Value) format.


Export to Text File

Export selected messages to a text file.


In-Out Board

Launches the built-in In-Out Board, allowing you to set your availability and to check the status of other staff.



Help menu



Displays online help (which you are now viewing).  You can also press the F1 key.        


Latest News

Opens your default Internet browser and takes you to the Cybercom Software Blog.


Cybercom Software Website

Opens your Internet browser and goes to the Download page on the Cybercom Software website.


System Information

Displays information about the PhonePad system.  For more details: System Information.


Support Center

Launches the PhonePad Support Center, which allows you to access all support resources from a central location.


Popup Hints

Enables or disables popup hints. These are little yellow tips that are displayed when you move the mouse over toolbar buttons.



Displays version information.