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Welcome to PhonePad.


PhonePad is a Windows application that is designed to replace the "While You Were Out" telephone message pads commonly found in offices around the world.  Quite often, when you answer someone's phone, there is never a pen or piece of paper handy to take down the caller's details. And when there is, it takes time to write down all of the particulars.


What about when someone has taken a phone message for you?  Have you ever had to try and decipher the details on the message?  Have you ever had to try to work out what the phone number is only to find out that it's a wrong number because the 1 looks like a 7 and you're not sure if that's an 8 or a 9.


Now there's an easier way - PhonePad.  With PhonePad, you can quickly take a message for someone else with a little bit of typing and a few mouse clicks.  And if someone has called previously, PhonePad will automatically fill in some of the details for you.

When you are away from your desk you don't have to return to a pile of telephone message slips spread all over your desk or stuck all over your PC's monitor.  And it means you'll never lose an important message!


There's also the privacy aspect to consider.  Paper telephone messages can be read by anyone - you may not want other people to see who has been calling you, what their phone numbers are, and what the messages say.  PhonePad keeps all of your messages neatly together in its Inbox that can only be accessed by you.


PhonePad is ideal for Receptionists.  They can take messages for staff and send them to the particular person's Inbox.  Receptionists can also check a user's Inbox.


And PhonePad doesn't need an email system to work.  It is totally independent of any messaging systems.  This means that if the email system goes down, PhonePad continues to work.  It also means you don't have to have an email system to use PhonePad.  All PhonePad needs is a drive that is shared between users who want to be able to send phone messages to each other.


If you are a brand new PhonePad user, then there are lots of features for you to explore.  But don't worry, you can use PhonePad as is, or customize it to your preferences.


If you have used previous versions of PhonePad, you will be pleasantly surprised with the new features PhonePad now has.


In either case, we hope that PhonePad will be a valuable aid to your office and will improve productivity and efficiency.



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