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The WhereRU (In-Out Board) provides a simple way for an organization to keep track of their staff.  A quick glance at the screen tells you the availability of everyone in your office.  Used in conjunction with PhonePad, you can pass on information to callers while taking a message for the person they called.  For instance, you can tell the caller that Mary is away today but she will get the message as soon as she gets back tomorrow.






Receptionists and Administrators can change the status of other users, while standard users can only change their own status.  To change the status of a user (including yourself) simply select the name from the list and click the appropriate button at the bottom of the In-Out Board window.


You can specify the time you will be back by clicking on the Back At button.  Click the Notes button to provide further details about your unavailability.



Changes your status to indicate that you are In.


Changes your status to indicate that you are Out.


Changes your status to indicate that you are otherwise Busy.


Changes your status to indicate that you are in a Meeting.


Changes your status to indicate that you are Away from the office.


Sets the time that you will be available again.


The status list is automatically updated every 60 seconds.  Click this button to update the list immediately.

Reset Status


Maintain Status Text


Auto Forward

Allows you to enable and disable Automatic Message Forwarding.


Allows you to add a note for other users.  If you have setup PhonePad to automatically update your status, this field will contain 'Status set automatically'.




The status list can be sorted by clicking on the column headings.  A sort arrow in the column heading indicates the direction of the sort.  Also, the list can be manually sorted using drag n' drop.  Simply hold down the <ctrl> key and drag the user using the left mouse button.  When it is in the position you want just release the mouse button.  The In-Out Board will remember the sort order no matter which method you use.


Under Preferences, there are options that can automatically set your status whenever the In-Out Board starts up and closes down.


The In-Out Board is an add-on application for PhonePad.  It cannot be run as a separate application.