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Importing Address Book Entries

Importing Address Book Entries

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Importing Address Book Entries

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Contacts can be imported from Comma Separated Value (CSV) files into the Address Book using the Import facility.


1.Open the Address Book and click the Import button.






2.Type in the location and name of the import file to import from, or click on the ELLIPSE button and select it from the dialog.


3.Click the Load Data button.


4.The Import Settings window will be displayed.


5.PhonePad will try to automatically detect the format of the file you are importing.  If the format it selects is incorrect, select the correct format, and a delimiter if applicable.




6.Click OK.


7.Your data will be loaded.  The width of empty columns are minimized, but they can be easily resized if needed using your mouse.




8.Your contacts haven't been imported yet.  They have just been loaded to make it easier for you to map the fields in your contact data to the fields in the Address Book.


9.If the first row contains column headings, check the Do not import first row check box to stop it from being imported.


10.Now comes the fun part (not really).  We need to map the columns in your loaded data to the fields in your Address Book.


11.You will need to visually check each column in the loaded data and assign it to the appropriate Address Book field by selecting the column from a drop-down list, as shown in the screenshot below.  In our example, Column 2 is assigned to the Firstname field, Column 3 is assigned to the Lastname field, as so on.



12.The columns are assigned by clicking in the column to the right of each field name.  A drop-down list will appear, allowing you to select the appropriate column.


13.Once you have finished assigning all of the columns, it's a good idea to save the mapping in case you may need it again.  You can do this by clicking the Save Mapping button and giving it a file name.


14.Select any Restrictions that may apply to the entries you are about to import (see below for more information).


15.Click the Import button.





PrivateIf checked, this entry will only appear in your Address Book and will not be displayed in the Caller drop-down list for other PhonePad users.        


Updateable by If checked, other PhonePad users will be able to update the Address Book entry (both automatically and manually).