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Under the terms of the License Agreement, you are permitted to try PhonePad for 60 days from the date of installation.  This is a once-only evaluation period.  After that date, you will not be able to continue using PhonePad unless you purchase a license from Cybercom Software or an authorized reseller.  For information on ordering, please refer to our web site at


There are no limitations or restrictions in the evaluation version of PhonePad, apart from the 60 day limit.  During the evaluation period, the following window will be displayed each time you start PhonePad.





Click the Evaluate button to continue evaluating the software.  Once the evaluation period has finished, the Evaluate button will be disabled thereby ending the free trial.  To continue using PhonePad after this date you will need to purchase a license. You won't need to re-enter any data.  Once you have been issued with a license key you will be able to continue from where you left off.


If you need an extension to the evaluation period, please let us know and we will extend it for you.  If you are just starting your evaluation of PhonePad and the Evaluate button is incorrectly disabled, please contact us and we will send you a temporary license key.


Click the Order button to order PhonePad online.  Make sure you have an active Internet connection.  Your browser will take you to the PhonePad order page on our website, where you can order PhonePad online using a credit card via a secure connection.  Once the order has been completed you will automatically receive your license key via email.


For other order methods go to



If you have purchased PhonePad through a reseller (eg. Digital River or an online retailer), you will need to register your copy of PhonePad to receive your license key.  The reseller will supply you with a serial number for this purpose.  Click the Register button to go to the registration page on the Cybercom Software website.  The registration process is quick and easy.  You will automatically receive your license key via email shortly afterwards.  Make sure you have an active Internet connection.


Please note: if you ordered PhonePad directly from us or online via our website, you do not need to register your copy of PhonePad.  This is done automatically at time of purchase.


Click the Cancel button if you want to exit PhonePad.