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Editing an Address Book Entry

Editing an Address Book Entry

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Editing an Address Book Entry

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Although PhonePad will automatically update entries in the Address Book, you can also edit them manually.


To edit an entry, click on the Edit button in the Address Bookand change the appropriate details.  Click OK to save the changes.



Address Book Edit





OKAdds the new Address Book entry.


CancelCancels the additions you have made.


PrintPrints the Address Book entry.


ImportImports a contact from Microsoft Outlook™.


ExportExports the Address Book entry to Microsoft Outlook™.


SettingsAllows you to specify which fields to import from or export to Microsoft Outlook™.


HelpDisplays online help (which you are now viewing).





PrivateIf checked, this entry will only appear in your Address Book and will not be displayed in the Caller drop-down list for other PhonePad users.        


Updateable by Other UsersIf checked, other PhonePad users will be able to update the Address Book entry (both automatically and manually).        



If the following message is displayed when you attempt to edit an Address Book entry, this means that the user who created the entry has decided to not allow other PhonePad users edit access.






To open the Address Book:



Click the Address Book button on the toolbar.


Or click the Address Book button on the sidebar.