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Address Book

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Address Book

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If you have the Add New Callers to Address Book option enabled under Preferences, any callers you enter when sending a message will be automatically added to the PhonePad database if they don't already exist.


You can view these entries in the Address Book.  Click on the Address Book button on the toolbar, or click on the Address Book button under Other on the sidebar, or select Address Book from the Tools menu.


                                 Address Book List 3



The Address Book displays all caller entries that have been created by you and other PhonePad users.  The only exception to this is if the entries have been marked Private - only your Private entries will be displayed.


Click on the Address Book column headings to sort entries.  Not all columns can be sorted though.  The sortable columns are: Name, Firstname, Lastname, From, Telephone, City, State and Postal Code.


The Search Text area at the bottom of the Address Book window provides an incremental search facility.  As you enter text in the edit box, the Address Book will incrementally search all entries, displaying only those that match your search text.  You can search any column that is displayed by selecting the column from the drop-down list to the right of the Search edit box.  Only those columns checked under Options will be available for searching.


A search can be cleared by clicking on the SearchResetButton button.


Along the bottom of the Address Book window are set of tabs, one for each letter of the alphabet.  Clicking on these tabs will filter the entries in the list.  It works pretty much the same as tabs in a paper address book.  For instance, if you click on A, only those entries starting with A will be displayed.


The All tab displays all entries.


IMPORTANT:  If you have a large Address Book then you may want to modify some Address Book settings under Preferences to improve performance.  For example, in the screenshot above the Address Book has over 10,000 entries.  If the ALL tab is enabled it can slow things down considerably as the list has to "load" all 10,000 entries at once.  By disabling the ALL tab under Preferences it will only have to load entries for the selected tab, eg. 'A', which will be a lot less.





CloseClose the Address Book.        


AddAdd a new Address Book entry.        


EditEdit the selected entry.        


DeleteDelete the selected entry.        


PrintPrint a list of all Address Book entries.        


ImportImport Address Book entries from a text file.        


ExportExport Address Book entries from a text file.


ClearEmpty the Address Book.        


OptionsAllows you to specify which fields to display in the Address Book list.


HelpAccess online help.        



To open the Address Book:



Click the Address Book button on the toolbar.


Or click the Address Book button on the sidebar.