Testing the Server

Testing the Server

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Testing the Server

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If you are using PhonePad in Remote Mode, and are not able to connect to the PhonePad server successfully, the Server Test facility can be used to diagnose the problem.  Click Test Server under the Server tab.




The Server Test window will be displayed.





Server DetailsDisplays the IP address and ports from the main window.


ExecuteTests the server.


SaveSaves the test results to a text file.


EmailEmails the test results to Cybercom Software Support.


CloseCloses the Test Server window.


Test LogDisplays the result of each test performed.



To test the server setup, click the Execute button.  A series of tests will be performed and the results of each test will be displayed in the Test Log.  If any tests fail you can email the results to us by clicking the Email button.


Please note that the most comm


For more information see Troubleshooting Server Problems.